Why Professionally Photographed Homes Sell Faster

Why Professionally Photographed Homes Sell Faster

Bellevue, Washington's picturesque, vibrant city, is located across from Seattle on the other side of the famous Lake Washington. This charming and welcoming community has plenty of green spaces, including the serene Downtown Park and a stunning waterfall that attracts visitors from all over the state. Bellevue is steeped in arts and culture, with destinations like the Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue Botanical Garden, and KidQuest Children's Museum. There are also plenty of lavish shopping centers and exceptional dining experiences for you and your family to enjoy. 

Bellevue homes for sale are in high demand, and the Bellevue housing market is expected to be hot this year due to limited supply and increasing sale prices. Bellevue luxury real estate prices have gradually risen over the past year, which is excellent news if you want to sell. But before you rush to list your house, professional real estate photos are an essential factor to consider. Professionally photographed homes have been proven to sell faster than homes not professionally photographed. So when listing your Bellevue luxury home, please read on for more reasons to invest in professional real estate photography.

Professionally photographed homes get more attention online

We already use the internet for most of our shopping endeavors, from clothing and food to cars and vacations, and according to the National Association of Realtors, 97% of people will use the internet to search for a home. This means that the pictures of your home will be a potential buyer's first impression of your property, and first impressions are everything. If you want to pull in the most traffic to your home listing, investing in professional real estate photography and 3D tours is an essential tactic. High-quality photos and virtual tours allow potential buyers to become familiar with your home before viewing it in person. Most potential buyers decide on a home within the first few minutes of scrolling through the available pictures. Having amazing photos of your professionally staged home will give potential buyers a better sense of your property's potential, leading to more opportunities to bring optimal financial offers. 

Professional real estate photographs help your home sell faster

Homes listed with professional photos sell 61% faster than other homes. High-quality images increase the number of potential buyers who will click on your listing, which can double the amount of attention your listing receives online. Professional photos immediately impact potential buyers, can generate more leads, and increase referrals. Statistics have proven that houses with 20 professional photographs sell 32% faster, with an average of 32 days on the market, versus 70 days for homes with one picture. Professional photography is a significant marketing tool that drives all markets, not just real estate. When shopping online, you choose the item with the best-looking picture. The same idea applies to listing your home with professional photographs. 

Professionally photographed houses often bring a higher price point

We all want to get top dollar when selling our homes. When your professional real estate photos reflect a well-staged home with stunning views, potential buyers take notice. It's easy to tell the difference between listed homes with professional real estate photographs and those without. This apparent difference helps your home to stand out online and can help you earn more money for your home on final sale prices. Several types of professional photographs translate into higher price points when selling your home: real estate drone photography, 3D virtual tours, floorplans, and video. Reports indicate that homes with professional photos can earn up to $19,000 more in premiums. Your professional real estate photographer will take photographs that capture the unique essence of your home and will deliver more engaging pictures, translating to more buyer traffic. Having multiple interested buyers can help increase the potential earnings for selling your home. 

Professional photos can attract international buyers

In today's real estate market, with listings available worldwide on the internet, professional real estate photos can attract the attention of international buyers as well. This is especially true for luxury properties. In these cases, the potential buyers are relying strictly on the photographs posted in the listing, so the more attractive they make your home appear, the more likely you are to get top dollar for your property.

Professional photos equal instant credibility

Reliable sources state that 87% of homebuyers who view listings online report that the pictures alone were the most critical feature in determining their ultimate interest in the home. Professional real estate photographs give your home more credibility, showcasing it perfectly staged and with care to capture the unique features of your luxury home. This credibility translates into more visits—potentially 118% more views. Buyers who like what they see online are more likely to want to visit the property in person.  

Here are some quick tips to get your home ready for professional photos

Professional real estate photos are an investment, so you want to ensure your home is in top shape before the pictures are taken. Take the time to deep clean and declutter your home, removing personal items such as photographs and family clutter. You will also want to make sure that all signs of pets are removed. Your home's curb appeal should reflect the luxury of your home, with well-landscaped lawns and a welcoming entryway. Ensure all natural light is accessible and turn on all interior lights. Make sure that all surfaces are clean and neat, and have the photographer pay special attention to your home's best attributes, such as a chef's kitchen or spacious bedrooms. 

Get ready to sell

Now that you know the importance of professional real estate photography, another critical factor in selling your Bellevue luxury real estate is your chosen Realtor. Bellevue is a beautiful city with a lot to offer potential buyers, and you want a Realtor who knows the city and is familiar with the Bellevue housing market. In addition, your Realtor should have a strong record of successful closings, be trustworthy and transparent in their interactions, and have your best interests at heart. Roman Shulyak is your premiere local Realtor with a trusted reputation for honest representation and the determination to help you reach your goals when selling a home. Consider contacting Roman Shulyak today for all of your luxury real estate needs!


Whether he is assisting with a century-old home or new construction, whether a luxury property in Bellevue, or a starter home in Kent, Roman provides a high level of attentiveness, hustle, and professionalism to every client. His “above-and-beyond” service takes many forms, and is customized to every transaction.

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